Ten Health Benefits Of Intimacy

November 3, 2021

Benefits of intimacy is not limited to just have fun, they have a lot of health benefits, which vary between the physical benefits and the benefits of improved mood. They also reduce the risk of many physical illnesses. Find out here on ten healthy intimate relationship benefits.

  • strengthen the body’s immunity

    Medical studies from shown that people who have sex on a permanent basis, they are less vulnerable to diseases where increasing the body’s ability to resist viruses and bacteria and germs. There is no exaggeration when we say that the practice of intimacy reduce the chance of getting the flu and colds.

  • weight loss

    The practice of intimacy, serves as the latest form of exercise that contribute to reduce the weight. The person will burn approximately five calories per minute spent in sex. In addition, it helps to strengthen some of the muscles of the body, such as the vaginal muscles in the pelvic floor.

  • strengthen the heart muscle

    Research indicated that the practice of sexual intercourse regularly, helps to strengthen the heart muscle and reduce the risk of heart attacks.

  • Increase libido

    Practice intimacy help to stimulate the vagina and increase blood flow in it, which helps to increase sexual desire and ability to reach orgasm.

  • Promotion of young skin

    There is a close relationship between sexual intercourse and get vibrant and full of young skin. Research has shown that attendance intimacy, help to increase the secretion of estrogen and testosterone Hromuna who maintained body and skin youth. In addition, the hormone estrogen in particular take responsibility for softer skin and hair.

  • Reduce Tension

    If you suffer from anxiety or a bad mood, the practice of intimacy is your path to get rid of this tension. Because it stimulates the body to secrete the hormone endorphin hormone oxytocin which reinforce the feeling of happiness and relaxation.

  • relieve headache pain

    Working intimacy as a natural pain reliever in the body. Access to orgasm stage, accompanied by an increase in the secretion of the hormone endorphin, which helps to relieve pain; such as migraine headaches and back pain.

  • get a better night’s sleep

    When women reach orgasm, the body produces prolactin Hromun responsible for feeling comfortable and relaxed, and then, help you get a deep and quiet sleep.

  • Prevention of bedwetting disease

    Practice intimacy helps to strengthen the muscles that constrict the bottom of the basin through access to orgasm, giving women greater ability to control the bladder and urinary control and reduce the incidence of bedwetting.

  • psychological comfort

    Persons who engage in sexual intercourse regularly, feel good about themselves more than others. They also quickly dispose of the body of negative energy, which reduces their exposure to frustration and depression. In addition, the practice of sexual intercourse promotes stability and love the emotional relationship between spouses.