Magnetic Incontinence
Therapy Chair

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    Magnetic Incontinence Therapy Chair

    The NOVAmag NT-60 is very simple magnetic therapy equipment that delivers pulsed magnetic field to the pelvic floor muscles of an incontinence patient. The pulsed magnetic field depolarizes the pelvic floor nerves and muscles, providing, in essence, pelvic muscle exercises without effort from the patient who is sitting on the treatment chair.

    The stimulation therapy carried out by NOVAmag NT-60 can act as a useful addition to conservative therapies for stress and urge incontinence. It is free of complications and does not involve the insertion of an electrode into the patient, as is the case for vaginal and anal electro stimulation.The equipment is a cost effective unit as it is non-disposable machine, easy to use, and has no side effects.

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    NOVAmag NT-60 has also proven results in the following symptoms:

    • Pelvic pain syndrome
    • Chronic prostatitis
    • Male and female stress and urge incontinence
    • Vaginal toning after delivery
    • Female orgasmic dysfunction
    • Postoperative urinary incontinence

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    • The system consists of chair with inbuilt pulsed magnet generator and user module to control duration and frequency.
    • The chair is fitted with magnets in its seat. The chair sends pulsed magnetic field to pelvic floor.
    • The patient is able to receive therapy fully clothed, since magnetic field passes through clothing and tissue.
    • The pelvic floor muscles contract and relax with each magnetic pulse, creating physical exercise like any other muscular workout.
    • The procedure takes about 20 minutes. The low frequency pulsing start for 10mins then there is a 2min rest period followed by 10min high/low frequency depending on condition.Doctor will determine optimal strength and frequency of pulses(5-50hz).
    • Low freq. stimulation activates sling muscles which hold bladder and bowel from falling down into pelvic outlet.
    • High freq. stimulation contracts squeeze muscles around bladder and bowel outlets.
    • The procedure is painless and feels small vibrations or tapping while sitting in chair. The session is about twice for total of 8weeks

    Frequently Asked

    • What is the recommended treatment by NT-60?

      The recommended treatment by NT-60 is 15 sessions.

    • How many sessions do I need to take per week?

      2 – 3 sessions per week can be applied for a period of 4 – 6 weeks.

    • How long does each session last?

      Each session lasts for 20 minutes. The patient receives the treatment fully clothed.

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      His professional career steadily developed starting as an assistant physician at the Ministry of Justice Hospital in Fröndenberg, Germany then in St.Elisabeth Hospital in Iserlohn, then Urologist Physician Facharzt in Marien Hospital Erwitte, Germany where he acted as operator and surgeon in practically all important small and medium standard urological surgeries.

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