How Does Shockwave Therapy Work For ED

September 14, 2022

When a man has trouble getting or maintaining an erection, it is known as erectile dysfunction. The inability to obtain or maintain an erection is the primary sign of erectile dysfunction. Alcohol, fatigue, and stress are frequently associated with erectile dysfunction. Problems with the body or the mind may also be the cause.

The aetiology of erectile dysfunction affects the course of treatment. Medicines, vacuum pumps, talk therapy, healthy lifestyle modifications including exercise, and shockwave therapy are all forms of treatment.

Shockwave therapy

The use of shockwave therapy as a medical procedure is not new. For orthopedic injuries and kidney stones, it is frequently employed as a non-invasive therapy option. Urologists have recently started using this therapy to treat erectile dysfunction (ED).

For patients with vasculogenic ED, a blood vessel condition that affects blood flow to the tissue in the penis, shockwave therapy seems to perform best. It is still unknown whether the therapy works for other ED causes.

Patients who don’t respond well to medicine or don’t want more invasive treatments are frequently advised to try shockwave therapy. The use of shockwave therapy to treat ED is currently regarded as an experimental procedure. There is some evidence to support its efficacy, but further study is needed to ascertain how effectively it works over the long term and whether it can replace or be used in conjunction with other effective ED treatments.

What is it?

Low-intensity shockwave therapy (LiSWT) is the medical phrase used by urologists to describe Shockwave therapy. Targeted sound waves are used by a small instrument resembling a wand during the procedure to stimulate penile tissue and promote blood flow, which can also hasten the healing process. Low-intensity shock waves have also been demonstrated to increase blood flow and encourage the growth of new blood vessels in the penis, which is necessary for erections.

Additionally, LiSWT has been utilised to enhance wound healing. LiSWT has the ability to accelerate cell development and tissue repair by using focused high-energy sound waves. Healthy blood flow to the penile tissue is necessary for erections. Shockwave therapy is regarded favorably as a method of enhancing blood flow and rebuilding and fortifying blood vessels in the penis. The purpose of more conventional ED treatments, such as oral drugs like sildenafil (Viagra) and tadalafil, is to increase blood flow to the penis (Cialis).

Shockwave therapy should be distinguished from radial wave therapy, which is frequently marketed as a noninvasive erectile dysfunction treatment available at both medical and non-medical institutions. Here are some substantial differences:

According to data, shockwave therapy can increase blood flow and possibly aid in the development of new blood vessels. To deliver this treatment, a qualified medical professional with a licence is necessary. In contrast, there is no evidence to back up claims that Radial wave therapy helps treat erectile dysfunction. It is not necessary to have a medical licence or to have any special training to deliver this therapy.

How does it work?

A wand-like device is used to deliver shockwave therapy close to certain penile regions. For roughly 15 minutes, a medical practitioner moves the device over various penile regions while it sends out moderate pulses. Anesthesia is not required.

The pulses cause the penis’s tissue to restructure and its blood flow to improve. These two alterations can produce erections strong enough for sexual activity. There is presently no accepted recommendation for the length of time or frequency of treatment. However, a meta-analysis and review from 2019

The most frequent treatment schedule, according to clinical research from a Reliable Source, was twice weekly treatments for 3 weeks, followed by 3 weeks without treatments and then 3 weeks of twice weekly treatments. According to the investigation, shockwave therapy’s effects lasted for about a year.

Who is a good candidate?

It is not yet known who might benefit from shockwave therapy the most, similar to other off-label medical equipment. Theoretically, everyone dealing with chronic ED could be a candidate, but according to recent study, vasculogenic ED may benefit the most.

Studies on this topic are contradictory, nevertheless. While some research suggests that LiSWT is more beneficial in mild ED cases when used in conjunction with a mix of other treatments, other studies demonstrated the contrary, showing that shockwave therapy was most effective in cases of moderate to severe ED.

Talking with your doctor about your case is the best approach to find out if you qualify for this ED treatment, especially if you haven’t had luck with other treatments.

Risks and Side effects

For most men, shockwave therapy is painless. And as was already mentioned, the study that is currently accessible has identified minimal, if any, negative effects. That does not, however, imply that the treatment is risk-free. As a relatively novel medication, more investigation is required to ascertain its adverse effects, problems, and long-term efficacy.

But you might anticipate certain negative effects, such as:

  • Discomfort at the operation site,

  • Bruise or bleeding around the penis

  • Blood in the urine

  • A penis-related skin infection,

  • Painful erection, or

  • Growing penile curvature.

Although clinical studies have typically proved shockwave therapy to be efficient and secure, additional research is required to pinpoint potential hazards and the most successful erectile dysfunction treatment plans.

Seeking Treatment

Periodic ED episodes are typical. It might be challenging to keep an erection up due to stress, lack of sleep, alcohol usage, or transient hormonal changes, among other things. However, consult a doctor if your ED worsens and starts to interfere with your sexual life.

Shockwave therapy is still an experimental treatment if that interests you. Some medical professionals don’t want to use it until additional research verifies its efficacy and safety.

However, if you want to avoid invasive treatments and don’t want to take any pills, discuss shockwave therapy with your urologist to find out if it’s available in your region.

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