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Unsere Mission ist es, die höchste Qualität an personalisierter medizinischer Versorgung in unserer hochmodernen urologischen Klinik, der Urodiagnostik-Klinik (UDC) in Dubai, anzubieten. Unser Arzt, Dr. Osama Jaber, ist ein zertifizierter deutscher Facharzt für Urologie und einer der führenden Urologen in Dubai. Er ist spezialisiert auf die umfassende Behandlung urologischer Erkrankungen unter der Verwendung von fortschrittlicher Technologie.

urologist in dubai

"Das Wichtigste für mich ist es, den Patienten in Dubai eine ganzheitliche urologische Versorgung und Betreuung anbieten, um Ihre vollständige Genesung und Ihr Wohlbefinden sicherzustellen."

"Als Gründer und medizinischer Leiter der UDC habe ich erfolgreich eine Privatklinik für die Bewohner und Touristen in Dubai etabliert. Vor allem, für Patienten, die eine spezielle urologische und gynäkologische Versorgung suchen. "
Dr. Osama Jaber

Dr. Osama Jaber


Dr Osama Jaber studied medicine in Germany, where he received his Doctor of Medicine title on June 13, 1997, then spent the next 6 years specializing in the field of urology and successfully obtained the title of “Facharzt” (Consultant) on March 22, 2003, by the Westfalen-Lippe Medical Association Public Body in Munster Germany.

His professional career steadily developed starting as an assistant physician at the Ministry of Justice Hospital in Fröndenberg, Germany then at St.Elisabeth Hospital in Iserlohn, then Urologist Physician Facharzt in Marien 

urologist in dubai

Why Choose Us

Our mission is to be the best laboratory clinic in Dubai by providing our patients with a personalised and safe treatment
experience. The well-being and privacy of our patients is our top priority at Uro Diagnostic Clinic.

Confidential Consultations

Our fast, discrete, confidential and highly professional services are all geared up to respect your privacy.

Diagnosis & Treatment

We are a specialist testing clinic delivering the best testing and effective treatment.

Experienced Doctor

Dr. Osama Jaber has over 20 years of experience as a consultant urologist.

Common Urological
Conditions in Dubai

Prostate Diseases

It is normal for the size of prostate glands to increase with age. Consult a urologist in Dubai if they get too large and in the way of proper urine drainage.

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Kidney and Urinary Tract Infections

Kidney stones are crystals that form in the kidney but may migrate to other parts of the urinary tract. Consult a urologist in Dubai when there is pain or blood during urination.

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Male Infertility

Males can be infertile when they’re having difficulty starting a pregnancy. Consult a urologist in Dubai to help increase the chances of conception with existing sperm quality and quantity.

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Erectile Dysfunction

ED for short, is the difficulty affecting males having issues getting and keeping an erection. Consult a urologist in Dubai to explore possible treatment.

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Sexually Transmitted Diseases/ Infections are usually contracted during sexual contact. Consult a urologist in Dubai to get properly tested and treated.

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Feel free to check out our services to learn more about these common urological problems.

If you’re experiencing symptoms, consult your healthcare provider to explore possible treatment. We also suggest males 45 and above to see a urologist as part of their yearly general health exam. If you’re looking for a urologist in Dubai, you may inquire with us at UDC through our contact page.

“The service was absolutely amazing, they are very welcoming and Dr Osama was very clear with his explanation and very helpful when it came to describing the issue I had. I would definitely recommend going there as they were just excellent!”

Abdulwahab Yasser M Rashad M Mahmoud

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